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The idea for this blog started when I read The Ornament Tree by Jean Thesman. I read a lot, and I write a lot. Over the last 20 years, I have been exchanging letters with my best friend. We don’t use email; it’s just not the same as holding a letter, don’t you think?  In the letters, among other things, we talk about the books we are reading. I told her that I loved The Ornament Tree, and that for some reason I’ve always loved books that involve main characters hanging out in parlors while reading books out loud to each other by night, and hanging out on side porches drinking lemonade by day. It’s probably because these people don’t seem to have jobs, and I’m jealous.

Anyway, I started thinking about this side porch idea for a blog. A kind of quiet spot, where you might sit with your friend, drinking coffee and eating cookies and discussing the really important stuff of life, like books, writing, philosophy, hopes, dreams, gossip and embarrassing stories. If you were a reader of my twomommy blog, you know I love to share my embarrassing stories with the world.  But I have decided not to share the bootie boy’s stories anymore.  I’ll let him tell them when he is ready. He’ll thank me later I’m sure.  Herein will be stories about my quest to complete my master’s degree. And of course I’ll talk about books. And TV. And food. And whatever else crosses my mind. I promise it will be interesting.

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