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Hulu, Twitter, Sleep…


A blog, like a daily running habit, is patient. It waits around. It stays there, quietly chilling out, and sometimes metaphorically tapping you on the shoulder to say, “Heeeey….  still here if you’d like to partake.” It can be forgotten, for months on end, and when you are ready to post (or run), it says, go for it.

Back when I had an office job, blogging was easier. Those days, while others might be checking Google Reader, I was posting about important stuff like the state of the work bathroom or why llamas never gossip. But then I left the boring job to go to the not-boring job, and now I go home every day exhausted. My name is spoken 500 times a day (really, we tallied it once).  I answer the same questions over and over. I repeat directions three times. I get asked if I need a hug (always yes).  I advise on proper  hand washing techniques.   I positively reinforce, collect data, write and repeat objectives, post schedules, email parents, put band aids on owies, change pants (not mine but theirs), and tie shoes a million times.  Is it better than Project Management?  Hell yes. But being a teacher means I need more quiet time than I used to.  What suffers is the writing and running, because my quiet time these days involves Netflix, Hulu, and staring at my phone.

I started thinking, if my life was succinctly summed up like one of those old triathlon shirts (Run! Bike! Swim!), what would it say? Currently it might say “Binge Watch Hulu! Scroll the Hell Out of  Twitter! Sleep!”  I have a great life. But I’d like to create a new, fresh triathlon shirt for myself. Because I don’t really want to look back on my life and say, “Yes, I watched all 15 seasons of CSI, and re-watched all the Golden Girls episodes.”

The new shirt I want to design for my life says Write, Sketch, Run. It’s always been those three things for me. I just sometimes forget. Like most people, I get sucked into the show of other stuff.  I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t analyzing and goal setting my life, so perhaps it’s time for a little less social media and TV, and a little more writing.  My summer and beyond goals involve a little less observing and a little more creating. Well, that and teaching summer school , reading, doing the Arch Rivals Superhero Run and trying out that new slide at the waterpark (might need liquid courage first).

Currently Reading:

Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner

Music of the Ghosts by Vaddet Ratner

Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle

Best books I’ve recently completed:  The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Saenz, The Girl With All the Gifts by Mike Carey and Making Bombs for Hitler by Marsha Skrypuch.

In the queue: Orphan #8 by Kim van Alkemade and The Eight by Katherine Neville

Happy Summer!



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  1. Stephanie Bockman permalink
    06/12/2017 6:43 pm

    Love this! I read The Girl with All the Gifts a few weeks ago. Really liked it. My hubbie read The Boy on the Bridge which is the next book…….

    • 06/12/2017 6:46 pm

      The Boy on the Bridge is definitely on my list. I like Carey’s writing style. Thanks!

  2. 06/16/2017 6:05 pm

    That new slide is everything I don’t like. The tubes make me all wonky. I’m happier with tortuga that has high sides, but not covered. I also like Zulu a lot.

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