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That Damn GPS Lady


I’m pretty sure I don’t have anger issues, but IF I do, I might be taking my anger out on that damn GPS chick on Google Maps. My quest to write in different coffee shops this summer (and side note my quest to find the Schat’s Bakery in Carson for an Elephant Ear), means I have been using her services more lately. And I would just like to say, she could do better. Like, for example, she should stop saying “You have arrived,” all proud of herself like she got me to the place, when I am still driving around aimlessly trying to find the damn place. And also, when I am almost to the place, I need her to say SOMETHING. Anything. I could do without the “in 15 feet, TURN!” thing she does. And yes, I did yell at her to “Say Something Lady!!!! Talk!”  And I might have even called her a f%$*er.  But I’m just saying, technology is so rad these days, couldn’t the lady say things that work for my sense of direction, like “turn left into the shopping center that has the Joanne’s Fabrics and drive towards that Mexican food place and you will see the Schat’s on your left and now…. Park.” I’m saying that is the level of GPS I need.  But I’m going to try to stop yelling at her. She probably deserves better.


Brave New World (2016 reading challenge: Read a book you should have read in high school. I’m struggling)

Unwholly by Neal Shusterman


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  1. Shayne permalink
    06/23/2016 9:48 pm


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