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Camp Session 3, We Did It!


I usually make a summer bucket list. Last summer, my list included outdoor concerts, writing, sketching, reading, water slides, hiking the Rubicon, camping D.L. Bliss, Barnes and Noble Day, and swimming in Lake Tahoe.  This summer, because I figured I better teach art at least once in the 2014-2015 school year, my bucket list is actually on a bucket. It looks like this:


I have not yet jumped in the Truckee or finished writing my book, and I’m running out of time, but I did accomplish camp. By camp I mean Camp Lotsafun. And like my summer bucket list, I could list all the things I did at camp, brochure style. Here are all the fun activities you will enjoy if you go to Camp Lotsafun: archery, swimming, mountain biking, hiking, arts and crafts, basketball, soccer, frisbee golf, karaoke, card games, dances, movies, campfires, s’mores, talent shows, volleyball, panning for gold, treasure hunts, tie dye, and even food art. Yep, we played with our food, because at camp you get to do almost anything you want.

If I’m really thinking about what I accomplished at camp, it’s more than a list that would fit on a brochure. It’s more than you will see in the camp pictures. Maybe it reads more like a Help Wanted Ad. A list of reasons you should come work this camp.

The ad might read like this:

Free room and board in beautiful locale, which includes a squeaky bunk in a cabin and pretty good food. Coffee will be provided. Lots of hours, little bit of pay, make friends from around the block, around the state, and around the world.

At camp you will:

Count to 8 one thousand times. Have late night talks in your cabin. Laugh until you cry. Get glitter in your hair. Learn secret handshakes. Sing crazy songs that involve fun lyrics and hand signals. Make up new rules for Uno. Share everything. Get lots of hugs. Have inside jokes and new nicknames. Learn new dance moves. Feel the joy of getting your quiet camper to talk and your oldest camper to dance and play soccer. See amazing sunsets and stars. Love coffee more than ever before.

At camp you may:

Sing all the words to The Gambler, and remember that Sweet Caroline never stops being awesome. Realize one cookie is all you need and share the rest. Be reminded of how lucky you are, and how in your regular life you take things for granted, things like relationships, kids, your freedom, your job, and even your ability to walk quickly or go to the bathroom on your own.

You will probably leave this camp, this job, with an inner sense of calm and a new outlook on life. Apply today.

Three sessions in the books and I feel very proud. And now it’s time to think again about teaching. It starts tomorrow with training, but that road trip is still a plan. The book, well, I’ll keep trying.

Reading: Teach Like a Champion. I can dream baby, I can dream!


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  1. 07/28/2015 4:42 am

    Wow…you make camp sound as awesome as you are 😊. Thank you old friend for spending a few weeks with me and helping me take this journey, for making me laugh, for bringing awesome Angi into the mix, and for reminding me why I do it. There have been a few moments this summer causing me to nearly forget. With this post and a few more days of catching up on lost sleep I should get my groove back. Hope Tommy knows how much his mom rocked it this summer.

    • 07/28/2015 8:46 pm

      Thanks for the opportunity Gayla. It was tough but lots of fun. I am still catching up on sleep! Maybe one day he’ll know….

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