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Dear Little Yellow House


I knew this time would come. You would become ours. I had a feeling it would happen when the cold weather came to Reno. And last Saturday we saw snow cover your less than perfect, dirt and shrub and old deck having backyard. And you were beautiful. We loved the moment so much we put up our tree and decorated for Christmas, even though it was more than a week before Thanksgiving and I generally like to tackle one holiday at a time. It was that day, when we put up the tree and the wreath, my friend came over to make calabacitas tamales and watch Christmas movies, and the Bootie Boy crocheted a line of yarn so long it became a zip line from the upstairs down to the wall behind the couch. Monster High dolls zipped down, along with snacks in a bucket for my friend and me. Later that day, after we saw Wreck It Ralph, notes  were clipped to a carabineer, and a conversation occurred.

Boy to me: Who are you, crazy?

Me: No, you are crazy and you smell like Rips, eat an apple.

Boy: You’re a little glitch. (He said, “after I send this note Mommy, you and I are going to have to have a serious talk.” Ha ha.)

Me: You are my little glitch and I love you. Now go put on some big boy night nights underwear. (this is what the Bootie Boy used to call Pull Ups when he was 2)

Boy: No, I won’t, Grandma. (!! What?)

Me: You better watch out, you are going to run into Shel Silverstein in the hallway. (You’d have to have read Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

Boy: Oh, I’m scared.

Me: Remember to respect your mother and eat your vegetables.

Game over.

The boy has a good sense of humor. Anyway, Yellow House, I am happy you are a two-story so the zip line could happen, and also so that the Bootie Boy could ride the toboggan down the stairs, Home Alone style. I’m glad you are near the park, that you have a gas stove, that you are warm and cozy and small. I’m happy that your carpet is imperfect so that a dropped and then stepped on raspberry is no crisis. I chose you, and I hope I stay here with you for a long time Yellow House.

I’m thankful for my peeps, my boy, my house, my friends, my new job, and really everything about my life.

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  1. 11/22/2012 8:38 pm


  2. Vicki permalink
    11/26/2012 10:54 pm

    beautiful! I can’t wait to officially meet you, the booty boy and the yellow house! peace

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