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Accidental Experiment, No More Bundle


Not really on purpose, I quit cable, internet and phone at home. I’m bundle-less. This is mostly because the bundle-haver moved out and it’s partly because I’m cheap.  What I discovered is that it really is possible to live without these things:

House Phone: no more offers to refinance the mortgage on the home I no longer own, no more requests to subscribe to the newspaper, no more threatening calls about debt owed by someone whose name is similar to my sister-in-law, and no more donation requests to the police department. Oh ya, so don’t call me there. I won’t pick up.

Internet: no more checking Facebook while I can’t sleep.  I don’t miss Facebook at all. No more YouTube for the bootie boy, but we go to UNR, get snacks, and log on to their speedy computers, awesome fun.

Cable: I like cable. I kind of miss the potential to watch Modern Family and Top Chef and Game of Thrones and Snapped. But not flipping mindlessly through the guide has freed up time to do other things. Like read, go to the park, and write. And I don’t think watching the Snapped marathon was improving my life in any way. The most surprising thing is that the bootie boy has not once asked to watch a show on TV. We get movies from the library and he watches those, but he doesn’t miss Wild Kratts, Good Luck Charlie, SpongeBob, or anything else. Awesome library find: River Monsters Season 2, Desperate Housewives Season 2. Something for everyone.

Next weekend I am getting internet back, a bundle of one. Guess that’s not really a bundle. Maybe it’s all the minimalist blogs I read, but I really enjoy not being so connected and not watching the news. Morning is quiet, and what we watch has been chosen with purpose. Even if that means watching RV for the 10th time. Oh, I love RV.

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  1. 06/18/2012 1:41 pm

    Good for you! What a great way to transition to a life filled with less mental clutter. As always, you inspire me.

    • 06/18/2012 7:49 pm

      It is amazing how much more time and less worry I seem to have! Although I just figured out how to get the local channels so I can watch news now and then 🙂

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