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One Bag Each (Part 2)


Well, we did it. We stuck with one bag each, the Spooner, the car seat, and a blankey. At the last minute the boy decided to wear his robe instead of a hoodie, but that and the blanket could be rolled up and attached to my backpack so it was no biggie (it’s a thick robe so it couldn’t fit in the bag). I also ditched the water bottles before we left and we didn’t really miss having those.


No checking bags, and no use of overhead bins. No trying to roll a bag into a restroom stall or onto an escalator, no bumping into things and people with the rolling bag (can you tell I’m a bad rolling bag driver?). We definitely brought enough items to keep our minds and souls busy on the flights and at my brother’s house, and I got all the homework I brought done because I didn’t bring every project I have pending for the next four weeks, as I tend to do when I travel. And I was more focused on my homework because I wasn’t able to work on anything else.  I only brought one book, Journal of a Novel, and didn’t finish it so I was not bookless. And having just one book is a good idea for me; I felt more focused. It made me think I should start reading only one book at a time. Might try that, not sure though.


I probably needed one more pair of pants. My jeans got a little too baggy after so much wear. Or maybe I needed a different pair of pants, something more light weight. Weather definitely affects the packing, so I think it would be way easier to be a minimalist in the summer. The Bootie Boy says he didn’t notice any disadvantages or advantages. He had his Spooner, his robe, his pajamypants, his vans, and he basically moved through the airport looking like a 6-year old Spicoli.

My assessment is that minimalist travel is possible, but you have to pack carefully.  It can be done though, and I think it was a good experience for me, because it reminded me that I really need very little to be happy.

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