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Hello Cable, My Old Friend


I really do want to be one of those people who doesn’t like to watch TV. Or who is so busy pursuing a creative passion that Top Chef Season 9 and 3 football games on Sunday holds no interest for them because you know, they are at the pottery wheel or whatever.  I am in the Survivor pool but could not watch the show, and my chica got herself booted anyway, so I got my money back. Mine was the granny shot spoken word artist whose claim to fame was having a video on Youtube. I know, I was surprised she didn’t make it either. I mean, when you are camping and have no coffee or Pringles or Jiffy Pop or a tent, don’t you love it when people recite poetry to you?  Yep, me too. Side note, if Billy Collins is ever on Survivor, he can recite as much poetry as he wants. I know Billy loves his coffee though, so I doubt we’ll see him on that show. Anyway, after a brief respite from cable I have learned that I do in fact need a little bit of outside world channeled into the house in the form of Billy the Exterminator, Parenthood, and other wholesome shows like Extreme Couponing.  And now, we’ve got the Biography Channel. This makes me very, very happy.

Head’s Up: Top Chef Season 9 begins November 2nd, clear your calendar my friends.

New book recommendation: I am listening, not reading, I should clarify: The Invisible Wall by Harry Bernstein. Reminds me of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, so you know it’s good.

Also reading Walden. Thoreau makes me feel better about the fact that I hardly ever buy clothes and soon will no longer be  a home owner. So thanks for that Henry. or David. Or whatever you like to be called.

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  1. Shauna (now) Sanders permalink
    10/05/2011 11:22 pm

    ha ha. my favorite part of this one- “So thanks for that Henry. or David. Or whatever you like to be called.” good stuff.


    • 10/06/2011 4:34 pm

      🙂 He was a complicated, interesting, somewhat whiney dude…. I think if he were alive today he’d be sitting in front of Walgreen’s begging for money most days.

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