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Say Yes to Water Park


At the water park we met a solo mom, whose kids had declined the offer of a day of slides and sun, snow cones and man-made waves. Her 17-year old reportedly responded, “No Mom, I actually have friends.”  Her 11-year old did not want to go for reasons unknown, so she hit it alone. I had to laugh at the response of her oldest child, because at 17 I doubt I’d have gone to the water park with my mom either.  But there she was anyway, doing all the rides at the water park without the cool kids. She and Heather hit the Black Widow together, and those chicas flew out of the tube so fast they were a blur. The mom rated the Eye of the Dragon as “Okay, not too fast.” She seemed game for  all of it. And after slides, she was headed to the adult-only section of the park for a big-girl beverage and hot tub time, a luxury some of us can only observe wistfully as our kid dunks us in the Lazy River.  And while I do sometimes long for the bar called Kokomos and a book and some quiet, there is nothing in the world that is better than lying on the hot pavement next to the Bootie Boy, making wet body marks as we dry off in the sun from our Lazy River laps, talking and singing along to The Lazy Song. Especially because I know that soon, not right away but what will go by in a millisecond soon, I will be the mom who is not cool enough to be his water park buddy. But until that time, yes son, we can do whatever you want to do together at the water park.

Today, say yes. Tomorrow, say yes.

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