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When I read this I was inspired to live better. To be kinder. Especially hitting home was the part about ridicule. Because I’ve done that. I’ve made fun of people to get a laugh. It feels good to make people laugh, I’ll admit that. I enjoy it quite a bit when people tell me, hey, you are funny. But how much of my funny comes at the expense of other people? I hope not much, but this post by my friend (um, ya, I can call her a friend now since we met and I have the picture to prove it…) reminds me that it’s not okay to get what I need by putting other people down. Love does not do that.

Summer school:  I love it. Am I crazy? I am sleeping little, caffeinating (hmmm, not a word. Weird.) lots, but I love being on campus when no one else is there. I absolutely love getting a semester’s worth of work done in 4 weeks. That rocks.

Trending now, haphazardly, in my brain…

Pop chips are so delicious.  I can’t wait for Harry Potter 7.5  to come out. I’m wondering how much caffeine is too much. Thinking I should quit sugar but I just love it. Trying to do some sketching, but have no clue how. Doing it anyway. Need to get my passport and my sub license. Thinking I should learn a language, probably Spanish, again. Wondering if Lady Gaga’s peeps will write us back. Telling myself, as it says on the kindergarten graduation invitation, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” I am the person who cried in the produce section of Winco because we noticed the boy cut his first tooth, so I am sure I will be crying a little bit on Friday, Graduation Day.

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