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Of Course, She Rocks.


Going to see Patti Digh, to hear her read, to have a conversation with her, represents another “Yes” in my life. I tend to idolize writers, and so when I meet one of them who I feel I know because I’ve read her words and feel a huge connection despite space and time, I get shy. But Patti is just Patti, reading a bit, talking about last night’s dinner and the way travel wears you out, gracefully reading despite the noise of the bookstore. Once again, at this reading, I was reminded that we are all the same, despite our differences, a lesson that Patti herself has written. I know that I am a better person because I read her blogs and books. So thank you Patti, for coming to Reno and to Edward C. Reed high school in Sparks. Thank you for inspiring us to do what makes your heart sing, what you wake up without the alarm to do, because you love it. The 3-part interview on her site is very cool, if you want to check it out. (

 From What I Wish for You:

 Be you. Remember who you are. Own the story that you want to tell with your life, not the story that other people want to tell about your life.

Be passionate. Focus on what it is that makes your heart go crazy. What keeps you up at night? What makes you the happiest? Do it.

Be present. Make peace with time.

Be unsure, let go of certainty.

Be curious. Learn something every day. Be proud to be naïve (I love this because people always tell me I am naïve like it’s a bad thing.)

Be free. Open up your hand

Awesome. Thanks Maja, for going with me!

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  1. 05/21/2011 5:53 pm

    Yay, glad M could go, too. I was with you in spirit. I love her blog!! Thanks for bringing into my radar.

    • 05/24/2011 7:52 pm

      She is awesome. Definitely one of my writing heroes, very inspiring. Maybe you’ll get the chance someday!

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