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The Presentation


I need a do over. I think my time was too short. I get up there and my brain goes, ack! Everybody is looking at me! And I start talking really fast and forget half the stuff I planned to say, which equals really short presentation. Lame. I’m really trying to focus on school as a learning experience (imagine that!) rather than a vehicle to get A’s, obsess over lost points, and graduate before I’m too old to remember my name. If I think about it, school really is just another opportunity to expand and learn. And I do seem to learn best from mistakes, rather than successes. The only way to get awesome at presenting is to present, so my next one will be better.

What I would do differently:

  • Make talking points to follow, rather than just a lot of text to try to remember.(my friend did tell me that and I chose not to listen, damn it.)
  • Practice a lot more.
  • Time myself and watch the time

What is it about public speaking that freaks us out so much?  My classmate said it’s because we remember  speaking up in class and having everyone laugh at us. Funny, because knowing that no one was going to laugh did not help my nerves.

New book: The Man Without a Face by Isabelle Holland

Tommy and I are reading our first chapter book: Nim’s Island by Wendy Orr. He loves it.

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  1. Nataie permalink
    09/30/2010 3:35 pm

    Oh my! I admire you for even having the cahoonies to get up in front of your peers and speak. I am deathly afraid of public speaking. I am sure that you will do much better the next time, because you are right in the fact that people like us learn from our mistakes much better than our successes. I am so happy to hear that Tommy is enjoying that book. That is awesome. For such a little guy to enjoy a chapter book is great motivation for more people to read to their children. I really believe that if more parents would read to their children we would have more kids involved in school and learning than in video games and nonsense. Nonsense is good if the quantity is controlled. Lol. Love you!

    • 09/30/2010 8:09 pm

      Definitely important! I think it helps that he has seen the movie and loved it, because he can follow the plot. NO video games for Tommy, poor kid. We are trying to hold out as long as possible!

  2. Gayla permalink
    09/30/2010 10:14 pm

    Just picture your audience in their underwear – it’s very empowering.

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