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School Starts, Week 1


This for you from  Jeffrey Eugenides, when asked to divulge the title of his next book: I hate to begin by withholding information, but I’d rather not divulge the title of the new book at the moment. I remember when my wife was pregnant and we were trying out different names for the baby. Anytime we told someone a prospective name, they would find something wrong with it. It rhymed with something not-nice. It was just begging to be deformed into a schoolyard epithet. The result was that we never named our child and refer to her now only by her SS#. So I’m not going to make that mistake again and tell you the title of my book.

Like yours, my life is a work in progress. Sometimes I don’t like to talk about the work.  It’s funny, because I blog about it, but I guess blogging is a one-sided deal in some ways. The people I want to avoid are the ones who say “Yes, but… what if… aren’t you worried that…”  when I tell them I want to be a teacher. Some of them look at me like I’m crazy. All of them find pleasure in pointing out the flaw in my plan. Why do we do that to each other? Sometimes I find the best way to avoid the what if but people is to keep my plans to myself and be happy that those in my inner circle are not the what if buts. The quote by Jeffrey Eugenides intrigued me and made me laugh. Have you read Middlesex? So good.

Please hold while I freak out a little slightly. Week 1 of the semester does that to me. And when you take classes on line the whole semester is there for you, and it looks a little bit scary. I have to remember to take it week by week, and only consider the immediate due date. I was thinking back to last year, when I was worrying about how not to appear like a non-trad. In my major, almost all of us are non trads. One of my online classes requires you to post an introduction. All of the intros feature people just like me, who are in the midst of crazy lives but still pushing ahead to make a change. I find it inspiring. I only have a short post, I need to get back into swing of school. But with my first day jitters I remind myself that I don’t want to play it safe, and I therefore have to face my fears.

And in other news, I have Mockingjay! Now, when will I find time to read it? Sleep is overrated, right?

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  1. 08/25/2010 9:26 pm

    Sleep is NOT overrated, but you can still steal a few extra minutes of reading before your eyes flop closed from shear exhaustion…

    I ALMOST bought Mockingjay today, but am exercising a bit of self-control with book buying (but not yarn buying….)

    Have fun with school!

  2. 08/25/2010 9:55 pm

    well, you know Maja will share her copy. But then you’ll have to wait! Will the Capitol fall? Is District 13 really gone??? We need to know!

    • 08/27/2010 12:58 am

      yes, she is a VERY good person to share her book! and i can wait, there’s plenty to read until she comes in a few weeks!

  3. Nataie permalink
    08/25/2010 10:46 pm

    Sleep is defin. not overrated. I am a extremely unhappy person if I do not get my beauty rest! However as for school, I think you are AWESOME! I know that you will be a great teacher because I learn from you in one way or another EVERYDAY….even when you are no where in sight….Often I catch myself thinking ” Self, what would Tammy say about this, that, or the other thing” You know that part in You’ve got mail, where they are talking about going to the mattresses. They then say that The Godfather is the chi or whatever….well that is totally you. I really think that children will dig everything about your personality! You have picked a profession that may not pay as well as it should, but I believe that everyday you will fill fulfilled and as if you have made a difference! You have so very much to offer this world and I am happy that you are not listening to the nay sayers… other words…..they suck, you dont, THE END~

  4. 08/26/2010 3:37 pm

    You are so sweet. WWTD you’re saying? I love it. Now my ego is even bigger than it was before. Scary! I’m glad I’ve got you in my inner circle Nataie.

    • Nataie permalink
      08/31/2010 3:34 pm

      Totally WWTD! Thats hilarious!!!!!!! Love it! I am very glad that I am in your inner circle to! You make me laugh, your a nerd like me! Finally someone who understands the pure need to learn something and be a total goob!!!!! LOL

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